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The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and its [U18] Sports Medicine is proud to partner with the Hollywood Wildcats FC to aid in providing education, injury prevention, and expedited care should a Hollywood Wildcat FC athlete suffer from a soccer or sports related injury. The physicians at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery are fellowship trained in pediatric sports medicine, and alongside with their team of orthopedic & sports certified physical therapists, care for the adolescent population for sports injuries and rehabilitation.
Take a look at [U18] Sports Medicine’s Stop Sports Injuries flyer for soccer injuries, posted below, to brush up on injury prevention for your athlete this season!

Should your athlete suffer a sports related injury and would like to be seen by one of [U18]’s Sports Medicine physicians, click the link below to be redirected to their expedited appointment request portal.

35 YEARS STRONG !!! Good of the game, good of the player, good of the community. No Victory Without honor. GO WILDCATS !!!