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Players, please make sure you look at the videos at the following links:

Coming This Fall

  • Player of the Month Program
  • Player of the Year Recognition
  • No Victory Without Honor - Team Recognition Program
  • College Selextion Program (for players 15-year-old and older)
  • and much more
Ain't no stopping us now! Go Wildcats!

Hollywood Wildcats FC

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Each month, we will be recognizing one male and one female Hollywood Wildcats FC Player of the Month, whose accomplishments on and off the field stick out among the rest.
    The players who are selected will represent a balance of athletic achievement, sportsmanship, and citizenship.
        Examples of these athletes' characteristics include:
        • Impactful or notable in-game performance
        • Displays good sportsmanship and the promotion of teamwork
        • Community service
        • Superior academic achievement
        • Overcoming personal obstacles
        While great performances in the game of soccer are appreciated, it's important to note that accomplishments off the field are valued just as much as those achieved on the field.

        Do you know a youth soccer player who should be recognized for his or her achievements, both on and off the field? If so, send in a nomination to have that young person honored FORM BELOW. The players selected will be featured on a Player of the Month page on our website, receive a price, mentioned in our monthly newsletters and have a chance to be declared Player of the Year.

        It's important to note that accomplishments off the field are valued just as much as those achieved on the field. If you think you know a player who fits this description, be sure to fill out the form below to nominate him or her. With parent's permission Board might even escalate the nomination for US Youth Soccer Player of the Month.

        Thank you for helping recognize the players that make Youth Soccer special.

        Also coming this Fall


        At Hollywood Wildcats FC we aim to improve not only the soccer player but also the individual. Not only do we want to develop the best soccer player possible, we also want to develop the individual as a human being. As well as soccer training our goal is to help instill core values, such as honesty, respect, leadership, integrity, and sportsmanship in how we play both on and off the field.

        At times “winning” in sports takes too high a priority and all other aspects are forgotten while in a competitive environment. We aim to remind and keep in mind all other aspects of the game and not just the score. While results are tracked and recorded they have very little value if they are achieved without honor.

        Not only are we developing the soccer player but we aim to develop the “complete” player.


        Some interesting statistics that parents and players should be aware of;
        • The average family will spend more than $10,000 on a child’s education and college prep before they ever get to college. (The Wall Street Journal)
        • More than 30% of all students entering a four-year college will transfer after one year (American College Testing [ACT])
        • 25% of all first marriages are between partners that met at college. (The Wall Street Journal)
        35 YEARS STRONG !!! Good of the game, good of the player, good of the community. No Victory Without honor. GO WILDCATS !!!