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Clear Communication
Our Elite teams (Travel/SFUYSA and GHSL) use TeamStuff App and system for keeping coaches, players and parents in touch.On top of the game, wherever you are.

With Teamstuff app for both Android and iPhone, your finger really is on the pulse. You’ll always have the most current information available to you wherever you are.
Availability Updates
Instantly update your availability.
Stuck in a meeting & need to let Coach know you can’t make it? No problem – go to Teamstuff on your phone & change your availability with a tap.
Maps on-the-go
Find the game on-the-go with maps.With Teamstuff app your schedule’s with you so game info is always at hand. And with game info come maps, so you’ll never again have to look up the address before you leave. All you’ll need is your phone.
Download iPhone or Android App or use it on your computer.

For Scores of Wildcats Games go to: http://teamstuff4clubs.com/games/hollywood-wildcats
If you would like your company/message featured in out TeamStuff send an e-mail to info@hollywoodwildcats.com.

Accept your Coach/Manager’s invitation or click one of the following Wildcats Teams Signup Links:

U9 (FS) - Coach Morosan - https://teamstuff.com/join/u-9-fs-blue-coach-da/5b21485c
U9 WHITE - Coach Mauro - https://teamstuff.com/join/u-9-white-coach-maur/5e637da4
U9 RED - Coach Saiz - https://teamstuff.com/join/u-9-red-coach-david/e144a18c
U10 - Coach Gary/Conrad - https://teamstuff.com/join/u10-coach-christina/4664cdfb
U11 - Coach David Prieto - https://teamstuff.com/join/u11-coach-branko/e1e3b161
U12 - Coach Charlie - https://teamstuff.com/join/u12-boys-coach-charl/b7700afd
U12 Girls - Coach Charlie - https://teamstuff.com/join/u12-girls-coach-char/0621fe67
BU8 RED - https://teamstuff.com/join/bu-8-red-ghsl/8b1d4137
BU8 WHITE - https://teamstuff.com/join/bu-8-white-ghsl/f45c8e27
BU8 BLUE - https://teamstuff.com/join/bu-8-blue-ghsl/50a984ed
BU8 GRAY - https://teamstuff.com/join/bu-8-gray-ghsl/db8dcd61
BU10 GHSL BOYS - https://teamstuff.com/join/bu10-ghsl-boys/fc5ad233
BU12 WHITE - https://teamstuff.com/join/bu12-white-ghsl-boys/3ee09bee
GU8 GHSL GIRLS - https://teamstuff.com/join/gu-8-ghsl-girls/4b16a39a
GU10 RED - https://teamstuff.com/join/gu-10-ghsl-girls-red/8c804fea
GU10 WHITE - https://teamstuff.com/join/gu-10-ghsl-girls-whi/75404d19
GU10 BLUE - https://teamstuff.com/join/gu-10-ghsl-girls-blu/d5790e26
GU16 GHSL GIRLS - https://teamstuff.com/join/gu16-ghsl-girls/c7f2c1e9
GU18 GHSL GIRLS - https://teamstuff.com/join/gu18-ghsl-girls/4ede47a6

    For Scores of Wildcats Games go to: http://teamstuff4clubs.com/games/hollywood-wildcats
    If you would like your company/message featured in out TeamStuff send an e-mail to info@hollywoodwildcats.com.