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Our girls program is one of the largest in South Florida. We offer both recreational and competitive programs. We strive to provide an environment for which the girls can be proud and call "home". 

In our competitive program we push our athletes to be the very best they can be so that they can compete and the highest level that they are capable of.  We anticipate having at least 3 girls competitive teams formed for the 2018/2019 season:

  • U18 team born in 2001/2002/2003
  • U14 team born in 2005
  • U13 team born in 2006
  • U11 team born in 2008
  • U8 team born in 2011/2012
We hope to expand our program in the near future to offer competitive soccer for all age groups if you have a team that needs a coach or a player that needs a team in any age group we would love to hear from you!

To tryout for these teams please register for our FREE AND OPEN TRYOUTS HERE

We welcome Coach Kate Wilson

Coach Kate is going to be joining us this year as director of girls development as well as coaching some of our teams.

We are excited to welcome her expertise in our club, Kate played in England for many teams including Tottenham Hotspur and has worked with many clubs in England supporting youth development such as Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham.

Since coming to the U.S  she has coached at Miami Shores and took her U11 girls team to victory in the Commissioners Cup and Disney Tournament this seasonal year. 

"I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the Hollywood Wildcats FC I look forward to creating a program with a focus on competitive development without loosing the fun."

Coach Kate Wilson is excited about continuing to develop the girls program as Head of girls development with Hollywood Wildcats FC. As part of her introduction to the club she would like to offer a free training session to your daughter on following schedule:

2011/2012 girls - Monday June 4, 2018 at Boggs Field 6pm - 7pm rescheduled
2007 born girls - Monday June 4, 2018 at Boggs Field 7pm - 8pm rescheduled

2008/2009 girls - Tuesday June 5, 2018 at Boggs Field 7pm - 8pm
2005/2006 - Tuesday June 5, 2018 at Boggs Field 8pm - 9pm

2011/2012 girls - Wednesday June 6, 2018 at Boggs Field 6pm - 7pm
2007 born girls - Wednesday June 6, 2018 at Boggs Field 7pm - 8pm

2010 born girls - Thursday June 7, 2018 at Boggs Field 7pm - 8pm
2001/2002/2003/2004 girls - Thursday June 7, 2018 at Boggs Field 8pm - 9pm

Please R.S.V.P so that she can plan her sessions to intro@hollywoodwildcats.com

Our recreational program is the foundation for our club and offers both training and games played in GHSL as they in previous years.

For 2018/2019 season we will are looking to form even more girls only teams in following divisions (if there are enough interested volunteer parent coaches):
  • U6 – players born in 2013 (possibly COED)
  • U8 – 2011s and 2012s
  • U10 – 2009s and 2010s
  • U12 – 2007s and 2008s
  • U14 – 2005s and 2006s
  • U16 – 2003s and 2004s
  • U18 – 2001 and 2002s
In recreational GHSL program all girls regardless of skill set are welcomed to participate. Since there are limited spots on each team, please take into consideration what your daughter’s commitment capabilities are. It is difficult on the team if a player is unable to participate regularly. If we register more girls than roster maximums allows we might have to turn some players away or find them an alternative teams to play on, as available.

Girls that do not want to be part of this program can always play in the regular Wildcats co-ed recreational program.

GHSL Girls Program

  • No tryouts, Roster spots are limited, so interested players should register as soon as possible.
  • Discounted Early Registration, price will go to up in August
  • Divisions U-8 and U-10 play (7 v 7 target team size 12 players)
  • Division U-12 play (9 vs. 9 target team size 16 players)
  • Divisions U-14, U-16 and U-18 play (11 vs. 11 target team size 18)
  • Girls too young to participate in the U8 division (5 and some 6 year olds) may have the option to play on a coed U6 GHSL team
  • Approximately 10 GHSL league games plus guaranteed playoffs/jamboree
  • Scheduled Friendly Matches within Wildcats Recreational League
  • Some Friendly Games with Neighboring Clubs and Academies
  • All GHSL League and Referee Fees
  • Certified Coaching Support from Elite Travel Coaches
  • Please note, that coaches and parents may agree on scheduling additional tournaments which would not be covered by the registration fee. Families may fundraise if they choose

I think there are lots of parents with girls who might flourish on a girls only team, but they or their daughters have doubts or do not understand what the girl's program is about. I remember that my daughter was ready to give up on soccer, but after last year, it has moved to (and consistently remains at) the top of her list. That is the message we need to convey.
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If you have any questions about the GIRLS GHSL or COMPETITIVE programs or Girls Travel, please contact Coach Tom tom@hollywoodwildcats.com.